Mezzano, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Mezzano is at the foot of the famous Dolomites called "Pale di San Martinorecently recognizedby UNESCO as world heritage.
 centre of Mezzano is made of an almost continuous sequence of old rural and residential stoneand wood buildings.
are no monumental buildings in this village, but it can be considered a monument of gratevalue in itself as the testimony of the cultural, social, religious and economic history of an essentially agricultural and rural community.  All the village is marked by narrow streets for the ancient farm vehicles, irregular openings with stone fountains, lush and blooming gardens, a series of signs - false ashlar, friezes, stringcourses, frescoes of a naive but intense religiosity. 

In balance with water and field, Mezzano has highlight its quality with five itinerary: waters, vegetable garden,rural inscription, mural and architecture. With the addition of a standing exhibition itinerary “Cataste&Canzei”, woodpile  art installation. Thanks of these features, in 2010 Mezzano joined in the prestigious club “I borghi più belli d’Italia”- "the most beautiful villages in Italy".

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