Pub Pedavena

Brothers Luigi, Sante and Giovanni Luciani of Canale d'Agordo ( of the same family of Pope Luciani), after a first experience in Canale d'Agordo, moved in Pedavena, where there are water of good quality; in 1896 they started to build the new factory.

Beer productions begin the year after. Nearby the factory they realized a traditional Tiroler Chalet, little wood pub for visitors. This Chalet was utilized until 1937, after that the factory was renovate and the pub enlarged.

Born the present pub, managed till 1998 to Gorza Lionello and his family.

Today the structure of the pub Pedavena has beautiful two floor restaurant and offers great food and superb craft beers in different rooms: entrance hall, Sala degli Affreschi, veranda, Sala degli Elefanti,garden and the beach.